Kay F. Read

63 Years old, 5' 2" Tall and Handicapped

$20,000 REWARD

offered by family with support from

Tucson Medical Center

88-CRIME, The Pima County Attorney’s Office Anonymous Tip Line is offering

an additional reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest and

indictment of the person responsible. Call (520)882-7463 – Collect calls are accepted.

Kay's family and loved ones need YOUR assistance in finding her. Kay was abducted from her home on Marigold Circle in Tucson Arizona sometime between 10:30 pm February 14th 2008 and early Friday morning February 15th. Her van, a turquoise 1996 Dodge Caravan, was found Friday morning at the intersection of Kolb and Golf Links on fire.

Police are looking for information on a "Person of Interest" last seen in the Kolb and Golf Links area on Friday February 15th. If you know, have seen or see this person PLEASE contact the police by calling 911 or 88CRIME. You may also email any information to


A reward is offered for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction

of any person involved in the disappearance of Kay F. Read

Have you seen this man?

Light complexion Hispanic or dark complexion Caucasian. 5' 7" 180 Lbs. Stocky build. Late 20's or early 30's. Short dark hair, receding hairline. Sores on his face, dark/decaying teeth. Last seen wearing a tan coat, white t-shirt dark pants, possibly cargo style.

If you have any information please contact the police.

Please help us find Kay

The person of interest could have been seen with Kay's van,

a 1996 Dodge Caravan Sport. Turquoise in color.

A reward is offered for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction of any person involved in the disappearance of Kay F. Read


'Kay Frances Read' wants to be friends on Facebook!

Please feel free to send Kay's family a message to help during these

frustrating times. Also see future activities planned in Kay's memory.

(managed by a family member)

Updated August 25, 2021

Happy 76th birthday Kay!

We all miss you and wish you were here so we could celebrate your special day.

Let’s hear those 76 trombones play Happy Birthday!!

Since your last birthday your family has grown. You have more great nieces and nephews by birth and marriage.

You would love them. They are all singing to you today. Happy birthday Kay!

The blood drives in your name are still a big success. We thank all who continue to donate blood in your name.

Your legacy and love for others is still being paid forward. God bless!

Please note the format of Find Kay Read document is different. Google redesigned & replaced the old format.

Thank you for your continued support of this web site.

Updated August 25, 2020


We sure miss you! Another year and we still have no Kay. Only many wonderful and fond memories of her.

The family has reminisced over the years how Kay overcame normal hurdles that life brings as well as the hurdle of having polio. She made it her challenge to be just like everyone else. Kay loved life and loved her family. She loved the holidays and celebrating with her family especially her nieces and nephews. Kay loved teaching Sunday school and loved all of her students. They loved her in return.

Kay’s life was nothing like life most people enjoyed, but she never complained. Kay would never back down from a challenge. She just wanted to make life a blessing for everyone.

I am so proud to say Kay was my sister and I loved her unconditionally. I know my other sisters would say the same. She did not deserve what happen to her. Our family deeply appreciates those that support and pray for our family. Thank you for those that continue to donate blood in memory of Kay.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kay!

Updated February 14, 2020

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY KAY!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Valentine's Day to all the readers that follow this web site. I wish this Valentine’s Day could be different, but it's not. Kay is still missing.

This is still a special day. It’s a day of love.

It’s a day to tell someone they are loved and a day to be loved.

Valentine’s Day was one of Kay’s favorite days. Why of all days did this happen to her? Why? We will never know.

We all pray for an answer and hope that someday her murderer, Luis Vargas, who is in prison for the rest of his life would finally tell us why and where he put her. Nothing has changed.

It’s going to take a lot more prayers to soften or break Vargas and him tell the truth.

Thank you Lord for helping all of us to get through this difficult time. We are okay! We have hope! We have faith! We have Jesus!

Updated August 24, 2019


No news usually means good news. Not in this case. We still have no idea what happened to our sister Kay. Someone knows and he sits in prison still refusing to give our family closure. Why? Time just goes by day by day. It is now 11 years, 7 months, and 12 or so days. We miss you Kay.

I have wrestled for a long time on how I could ever forgive this individual? The Bible tells me that it is necessary for me to forgive as the LORD has forgiven me of my sins. This is very hard when I remember the long days of searching for Kay. Coming

back to my Mother's house and telling her we hadn't found Kay. My Mother suffered for a little over 2 years not knowing what happened to her dear daughter. She went to her grave grieving the loss of Kay. That's what I remember. It is very hard for me to forgive unless Luis Vargas breaks his silence and tells us where Kay's body is located.

I want to again thank the Homicide Survivors organization for their continued prayers and cards to our family. They are a wonderful support team. We would have never made it without them. Thank you for supporting us during this horrible time.

Please come and celebrate Kay's birthday by giving blood on August 25th at the American Red Cross Chapter 2916 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ. Thank you for your continued support and faithfulness to our family.

Updated February 13, 2019


Happy 2019 Valentines Day to all our readers.

Happy Valentines to you Kay! It has been 11 long years since you were taken from us. We really miss you. Not much has happened in finding Kay. We are thankful knowing that she is with the Lord and Mom and Dad in Heaven.

This past year we were able to get a grave marker placed at the head of mom and dad’s head stone at Montgomery Cemetery in Oakland City, IN to show Kay’s time on earth.

He gave us hope even though some days seem hopeless.

As we look back we see so many God sightings everywhere. God put individuals in each of our lives to help us get through that difficult time. We can never say thanks enough to each of you. You know who you are. We love you and cherish you. We came through this difficult time with angels on our shoulders.

Life goes on. Our family is stronger in many ways because of you.

We feel God's presence more in each of our lives.

Updated August 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Kay. Life goes on. We all miss you everyday. Our family and friends continue to pray that Louis Vargas humbles himself someday and tells where he hid you. Until that day we know that you are with the LORD and mom and dad. We continue to celebrate your life by having blood drives in Tucson in your memory (Sunday, August 27). Thanks to all that donate. Thanks to all that continue to pray for our family as we all suffer one way or another. Thanks to Homicide Survivors advocates who continue to support and assist our family.

We love you Kay!

Updated February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to our readers. Kay loved this day and always fussed over others on this day. She always sent Valentine cards to her family.

Some still have them.

On February 14, 2008 Kay celebrated Valentine's Day with her nursing home friend Linda and then with our mother Lillian Read before going home that night never to be seen again.

In Kay's memory St. Paul's United Methodist Church created a "Kay Frances Read Recognition Award" in their Sunday School area where Kay taught for more than 25 years. We thank those responsible for creating this award to honor Kay. God bless you! Kay and Mom's names have also been added to the church's memorial garden wall.

He gave us dedicated individuals who investigated and tried the person responsible for her death.

He gave us support individuals to help prepare, educate and console us during the trial.

This month Luis Vargas was DENIED his first appeal. A 21 page document with 11 prosecutorial allegations of misconduct on the State was reviewed by the court and the 11 allegations were upheld. Vargas was denied his appeal. Strike 1!

This Sunday, February 17th a Valentines blood drive will be held to honor Kay. It will be held at the Broadway Blood Donor Center, 7139 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson. Call for an appointment at 520-886-7212 or 800-red-cross.

Thanks to all who make this event a success to honor Kay. Thank you Tucson!

Updated August 26, 2018


We will be thinking of you today. We will be celebrating you with another blood drive in your honor. We thank everyone who takes the time to donate blood in your memory.

You have touched so many lives and many you never knew. God has blessed us all with your life.

We ask for continued prayers for Kay's family. We still mourn her loss.

Pray for a great turnout for today's blood drive.

Continue to pray for the Homicide Survivors organization. They are a blessing to everyone they help.

Pray that the man convicted of Kay's death will finally acknowledge that he was responsible for Kay's abduction and give us the location of her body.

Last, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope". Romans 15:13

Updated April 17, 2018

Ten years ago February 15, 2008 Kay Frances Read went missing. Ten years ago Kay's legacy started. Ten years ago Kay's family and friends lives changed forever.

As we look back at all of the events that happened those days we see one common thing that happened to all of us...God's Grace.

God knows each of his children. God knew how each of us would suffer.

God knew the pain that each of us had.

God knew the anger and hate that was brewing within each of us.

God knew our faith would be tested each day, some days more than others.

God knew the frustration we had waiting on the judicial system in finding and prosecuting the person responsible for Kay's death.

God knew the regrets we each had not having more time to spend with Kay.

God knew He did not give us more than we could handle even though we often questioned it.

God knew our family would endure this test and stressful time.

How did we survive this? Again, it was God's grace. It was God's love. He showed us the way.

He reminded us what we had been learning for years as we studied His word. He was preparing us.

He put Godly people in our lives that came along side us to help us cope and face the facts.

Kay's body has never been found. The man who was convicted in September 2016 has never found it in his heart to tell us where he put her body. You know what a great Valentine's gift for Kay's family would be.....that somehow Luis Vargas would hear God's word, humble himself, and tell authorities where he put Kay. That is our constant PRAYER.

Happy Valentine's Day Kay and Mom! We love and miss you.

Updated December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving has come again and past. Kay's family have a lot to be thankful for. The healing has started. The long painful trial is over. The court and jury did what they needed to do.(Thanks again!) The guilty is behind bars. Yet, questions not answered from the trial on that February 15th, 2008 still linger in our minds.

Why? How? Where? Did? Will?

Months have past since the trial and I feel that we will never know the answer to the questions left unanswered. They say time heals all things. Will time help answer these five questions? We have relied on God to get us to this day and he has been Faithful. He is a Great God! We prayed to find the person that did this evil thing and he was found. We prayed for justice and the guilty is in prison. We prayed that we would be able to forgive the guilty. Some have and some are still trying to figure that out. We prayed for peace and that is a work in progress.

For those reading this, you were the prayer partners that helped our family to this day. We are thankful for you and your many many prayers. We were blest with so many God sightings. God heard your prayers. He answered them. We are thankful for you and his Blessings!

Christmas is coming and we wish you all a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas Holiday. Our Christmas prayer is that a someone in the prison system where Luis Vargas is share the Word of God with him. Today, tomorrow, or someday in the future, Kay's family will get peace and closure. Thank you LORD!

Updated September 12, 2016

The Family Emotional Impact Hearing was held on Tuesday September 6, 2016.

Today the Judge heard statements and saw pictures from Kay's family about how they have been effected with the loss of Kay and how they are surviving this horrible act committed by Luis Vargas. It's only by God's Grace! I can say that our family's Faith has become stronger through all this adversity and pain. No family should have to go through what we have and it's not over yet. We still need to find Kay's body to get final closure. After the sentencing Luis Vargas said he's sorry, but not sorry. He said he did not do anything to be sorry about. The 12 jurors saw it different and found him guilty of 6 all crimes. The Judge sentenced him today for those crimes:

1) murder in the 1st degree, he was given natural life without parole

2) burglary in the 2nd degree, 13.25 years

3) kidnapping, 17.75 years

4) arson, 12 years

5) theft of means of transportation, 13.25 years

6) theft of a credit card, 7 years

His sentence is for natural life PLUS 63.25 consecutive years with NO CHANCE OF PAROLE!

Will Luis Vargas ever feel remorse for killing Kay? That is yet to be seen. He was found and arrested with the help of your prayers. He was sentenced with the help of your prayers. Now we need your prayers to soften his heart. He might as well give in, ask the Lord for forgiveness, and tell us where he put Kay! Luis Vargas can not win with God on our side! That's our prayer request today.

Again our family want to thank the Pima County attorneys, homicide unit detectives, TPD, all the witnesses, the jurors, the Pima County victim advocates and Homicide Survivors advocates for all their work and assistance in getting this conviction.

We are even more blessed by the unbelievable amount of prayers that have helped us through this horrible nightmare. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Kay Read Family

Updated August 3, 2016

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

After 3 weeks and 2 days the jury spent less than 4 hours and 15 minutes to determine that Luis A. Vargas was guilty on all six charges: 1) murder in the 1st degree, 2) burglary in the 2nd degree, 3) kidnapping, 4) arson, 5) theft of means of transportation and 6) theft of a credit card.

The family of Kay Read is so blessed to have this verdict. We are even more blessed by the unbelievable amount of prayers that have helped us through this horrible nightmare. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We want to thank the Pima County attorneys, homicide unit detectives, Pima County victim advocates, Homicide Survivors advocates, all witnesses and everyone who helped in bringing justice for Kay.

Also, thank you to the jurors who listened to all of the evidence in this case and arrived at a guilty verdict.

An emotional impact hearing for the family is scheduled for Sept. 6th. The final sentencing hearing is scheduled for Sept. 20th.

Our continued prayer is for closure in finding Kay.

The Kay Read Family

Updated July 18, 2016

The jury selection was completed late on Tuesday, July 12th. Opening remarks began on Wednesday morning. As of Friday, 4 witnesses for the State had been called and cross-examined. The 5th witness was called late Friday, but court recessed until Tuesday, July 19th. Details of the testimonies can not be provided at this time. Local news media covered the first day testimonies.

This is and has been a very difficult situation for our family. We know the LORD is with us and He will get us through this time. Your prayers have been felt and appreciated.

Please continue praying for our family, the judge, the lawyers, and the jurors. This trial is expected to last up to five weeks. We will update more as the trial progresses.

Updated July 8, 2016

The latest pre-trial hearing was held Thursday, July 7th. The trial is scheduled to start with jury selection on Tuesday, July 12th. The jury selection is expected to take a couple of days.

Our family has been down a rollercoaster ride of depression and frustration and then hope and relief. Please help our family to get through this difficult time with your prayers and good thoughts. Please pray for the Judge, lawyers, and the jurors. Pray they hear and act accordingly.

Updated January 20, 2016

Happy New Year 2016! It has been almost 8 years since Kay went missing on February 15, 2008. As stated in the September update the scheduled date for the trial on February 23, 2016 could change. The latest hearing was held on January 19th. At that hearing the Judge granted the defense another continuance since the defense was not ready to go to trial. The Judge also apologized to our family for all the inconveniences and the date changes. His trial docket was full and the next date available is July 12, 2016.

A blue wristband with Kay's name, a butterfly, and praying hands was created in her memory. They will be available at the next blood drive. Check Kay's Facebook page for date, time, and place. Please consider donating blood and wearing a wristband to honor Kay. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Updated September 22, 2015

As of September 8, 2015, Kay's court day scheduled for November 10, 2015 has now been changed to February 23, 2016 for many reasons that can't be discussed. This new date can be moved out again if the Judge deems so. As trials go this is normal. There is another hearing or status conference scheduled for December 7, 2015 to discuss any questions from attorneys and pending motions. We will keep everyone informed as time goes by.

The family wants to thank all that having been praying for us. Our prayer is that Luis Vargas be brought to justice. We need closure! Again, thanks for your prayers.

Updated August 26, 2015

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY KAY! We miss you and wish you were to here to celebrate your special day. A blood drive was held this past Sunday in your memory and again was well attended . Thanks to all that made that day special to Kay's family and those in need of blood.

A brief look back in Kay's life began 70 years ago when she was born in Peoria, Illinois. She lived in many places in Illinois during her youth starting with Delavan, Peoria, Trivoli, Decatur, Chestnut, RR Washington, and back to Peoria. She finished high school at Peoria Central in 1963 and went to college at Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois. Due to bad weather and poor transportation at both colleges Kay came back to Peoria and finished her education at Midwest Business College. She worked as a records clerk at Zellar Institute for many years. After visiting her sister Mary in Tucson, Arizona in the late seventies Kay decided to move there because of the warmer climate. Kay loved living in Tucson where she purchased her own home and worked at Tucson Medical Hospital in the same capacity. Her life flourished volunteering and teaching Sunday School for many years at St. Paul's Methodist Church.

Kay's struggles in life with her medical problems and having Polio never discouraged her. She loved being independent and coming and going on her own. She never considered herself handicapped even though she wore a full length leg brace. She wouldn't have a handicapped placard for her car for herself. It wasn't until she started transporting her 90 year old mother that Kay used a handicapped placard for her.

Kay, you are special and you are missed terribly. Happy 70th Birthday! We all love you!

Updated July 29, 2015

On Monday, July 13th a hearing was held in a Tucson Court for Louis Vargas and his attorney to produce the list of witnesses to support the whereabouts of Louis Vargas on the night of February 14, 2008. They had none! November 10, 2015 is still the start date for Kay's trial.

Thanks to all who have prayed for Kay's family during these difficult years. We all have grieved differently and have been affected in different ways. Prayers have been felt and have helped in our healing process.

August 26, 2015 would have been Kay's 70th Birthday. Her family will all celebrate in different ways. We wish to thank all in advance for those who will help celebrate Kay's Birthday Blood drive on Sunday August 23, 2015 at the Tucson Blood Center at 7139 Broadway between 9 am to 2 pm. Appointments are recommended by contacting the center or calling 520-886-7212. Come help celebrate Kay's Birthday!

Updated April 13, 2015

Another Easter has come and gone again and still no Kay. We all know that Kay suffered a terrible death at the hands of an evil person. Who else would have done something so vile? Why would he have done something like that? Kay had nothing to steal. She had a little house on the southeast side of Tucson that she worked hard to get. She worked hard to take care of it. She loved working in her yard. It was her own and she did it herself. She did it with only one good leg. You know she had polio when she was 8. She had her share of troubles in her life. Kay had braces on both legs for part of her young life, lived with a wheel chair for another part of her life, and crutches and/or a single brace for the balance of her life. Kay would not use a handicap placard for the longest time because she didn't feel she needed one. She loved life and loved teaching God's Word. She gave what little she had to the Church and Missions. She did a lot for others who could not do for themselves. She loved helping others. She loved our mother and spent time with her on a daily basis. It was terribly difficult for our mom to sit and look out her dining room window waiting for Kay to come home. It has been 7 years and 2 months that Kay's family and friends have been waiting for answers to her disappearance. On November 10, 2015 in Tucson, AZ the trial date has been set for Luis Vargas to be tried for breaking and entering and Kay's abduction. Please continue praying for Kay's family. Thanks to those who participate in the Red Cross Blood Drives to honor Kay's memory.

Updated February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Kay! Happy Valentines to all of our faithful readers.

It has been a long seven years for Kay's family and friends. For Luis Vargas, he sits in a Tucson jail cell awaiting trial. Two pretrial dates have come and gone. The next hearing is scheduled for March 2. Please pray that Vargas's attorney gets his act together and meets this date. We ask everyone to continue to pray that Vargas will soften and give up the location where he put Kay. That will be the first day of healing for our family. The pain and anguish has affected each of us. The one thing that has come from this terrible time is that we are all closer to our LORD and SAVIOR. He has been faithful in hearing our prayers and comforting us. Thanks also to our many, many friends that have come along side us to comfort us.

Don't forget this Sunday's Blood Drive in Kay's memory. See Kay's Facebook for specific details. God Bless all who have been there over these years to help remember Kay.

Updated December 11, 2014

It was six years, nine months, and 17 days later, on December 2, 2014, that Luis Vargas was arrested for the murder and abduction of our sister Kay Read. Tucson Police Department have been working on this case from day one even though Kay's case seemed to have gone cold. The Lord has been faithful in helping each of us as we have all struggled with the not knowing what happened to Kay. We thank you TPD for your continued investigation and the arresting of Luis Vargas. We thank all who have prayed for the closure and justice that was requested on the last update. God is faithful! God is faithful! Details of this case were provided via the many news media and we thank them all as well. Kay's face book has more details of the arrest.

Another Blood Drive in Kay's memory is being held December 14, 2014 from 9 am to 3 pm at the American Red Cross Center at 7139 E Broadway in Tucson. We thank all who participate in this event.

Resolution is close and now we ask for prayers that TPD will get Luis Vargas to give up the location where Kay is buried. Justice will follow.

Please pray for peace for our families. Sad days and events from the past continue to haunt us. It's the support and love of family and friends that allow us to continue on.

Updated August 27, 2014

Happy 69th Birthday Kay from your family and your many, many friends. The Birthday Blood drive on Sunday, August 24th in your memory was another success. Thank you to the regular and the new donors. Kay touched many lives and they have in turn touched ours. Thank you all and may God Bless you.

As time goes on friends have asked if there has been any news. The Tucson Police are still working on Kay's case. Their job is still to find Kay and her abductors. Even though the individuals on the scene in February 2008 have changed, the new detectives are very aware of the situation and her case. They promise that she will NOT BE FORGOTTEN. Thank you TPD!

Kay's family have all been blessed to know the Lord. His Grace has allowed us to get through this very difficult time. We thank the Lord and His many disciples on this earth that have come to our aid. We continue to pray for closure and for justice for the guilty.

Updated January 29, 2014

The family of Kay Read wants to thank all for the prayers and words of encouragement as we still struggle to cope with the loss of our sister Kay. Six years, six years! Why? How? Where?

Only the Lord knows.

I write this with sadness as well with anger. Will we ever get answers? I doubt that the person or persons responsible for this evil act will ever read this, but our hopes and prayers are someday they will slip up and make another mistake and get caught. Or better yet that something will soften their hearts and they give us an anonymous tip or lead to help us find Kay and bring her home.

Kay's case is now a cold case with the detectives in Tucson, however someday that Hispanic person that was seen with Kay's van and at the ATM that morning is going to get caught. Please continue to pray for that outcome. Also pray for justice. We can forgive, but that does not mean we don't want justice. Please keep us in your prayers.

Also, check Kay's Facebook for Blood drive activities that help keep Kay's name in the news.

Alice, Wes, Jane, Mary and the rest of our families thank you and wish you all our Love!


Updated January 29, 2013

Kay is still missing and the five year anniversary (February 15, 2008) is approaching . Kay's family is still hanging onto the hope that someday the person(s) responsible for this senseless and evil act will be found. A prayer vigil celebrating Kay will take place at St Paul's United Methodist Church on Friday February 15 at 5:30 p.m. In addition, a blood drive in Kay's honor is planned . See Kay's face book page for more details.


Updated August 27, 2012

A big Happy 67th Birthday for Kay!

In Kay's memory and Birthday there was another Blood Drive held on August 26th, 2012 at the Broadway Donor Center, 7139 E. Broadway Blvd. It was again a big success and Kay's family want to thank all those who took time out in their busy schedules to help keep Kay's memory alive. It has been a long four and a half years since Kay went missing and our family has struggled not knowing what happened the February 15th morning. We ask for your prayers for any sign or bit of information that could help us bring closure to this horrific night mare!


Updated June 18, 2012

No news is not good news!

The family of Kay Read is still waiting for any good lead that would help find Kay. Our hope and prayers are for any lead that would find the individual(s) responsible for Kay's abduction or just finding Kay. Our family needs closure!

In Kay's memory there is another Blood Drive this Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Broadway Donor Center, 7139 E. Broadway Blvd from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

To schedule an appointment call Mary R. Seagle on 520-886-7212.

See Poster at the Blood Drive Center for the Summer Fun Ticket special drawing for a air line or hotel gift certificate.

Special THANKS go out to those that continue to give blood in Honor of Kay. We Love you and Pray a special prayer for each donor. W


Updated March 11, 2012

"Kay Read still missing after 4 years" was the headline in Tucson, AZ on February 15, 2012. Tucson station KOLD and others carried the story that Kay is still missing and her family continues to wait for answers and information as to what happened to her. For more information on this story you can log on to KOLD website... http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/16933584/kay-read-missing-for-4-years#.TzrtgxlTD74.email.

Thanks again KOLD, KGUN9, KVOA, and FOX11 !

It's the same story as it was back in 2008. Someone(s) entered Kay's home either late on the 14th or early the 15th and abducted Kay and her van. The person using her van was seen at several auto parts stores. His frustrations keeping Kay's van running led him to set it on fire less than 2 miles from her home in a busy commercial area. He was also pictured earlier that morning trying to use her ATM card without success. From there he vanished. Grainy photos of this Hispanic man have not led to any persons of interest.

Family and friends are continually praying that someone will come forward and provide that significant bit of information that will crack this case. Please, if you know anything call the Tucson Police or 911.

Special THANKS go out to those that continue to give blood in Honor of Kay. The February 12th blood drive was a great day for all those who participated and the family thanks all who help keep Kay's memory alive. The next Blood drive is April 22, 2012.

Lastly, please continue praying for answers, comfort, peace of heart, and forgiveness. Kay's family and friends need to pray for her abductors. This may soften their hearts and then lead to closure to this horrible nightmare.

God's Blessing to all!

Updated August 18, 2011:

HAPPY 66th BIRTHDAY SWEET KAY! * Another year has passed that we do not have you with us and that means you are loved more than ever. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS ! We know the Tucson Police Department are still trying to solve your case, finding you, finding the person (s) that abducted you, and to bring you home.

We are having another HONOR KAY READ BLOOD DRIVE / BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION August 28th at the Broadway Donor center here in Tucson. The poster from American Red Cross shows all of the details. If you know Kay, you know this is just one of many ways Kay gave back to her community, her family, her Sunday School children, her church, her co-workers, and to her special people like Linda N.

Consider donating blood in Honor of Kay no matter where you are. Consider sponsoring your own blood drive in your community HONORING KAY READ. Do something out of the ordinary that gives back to the community. The next blood drive here in Tucson will be October 30th, 2011. Call for more info or make an appointment 520-886-7212. Kay, your family and friends will never give up until you are home! God Bless.

Updated June 25, 2011:

We are sponsoring another blood drive HONORING KAY. We've had 9 successful drives and more to come. They are on the ARC books for June 26th, August 28th, October 30th, Dec. 18th, 2011 and into 2012. If you can not donate here in Tucson HONORING KAY, you can donate any where. You can HONOR KAY donating in your own city. You can sponsor a blood drive with American Red Cross HONORING KAY. Kay donated so much of her life to so many community functions along with personal choices, but donating blood is one that we can all do that doesn't cost anything but your blood and your time. It's also easy, kind of painless, & saves lives. It could be the life of somebody you love. It's now 3 years 4 months missing Kay. Kay is not in our hugs but in our hearts forever. Consider Donating the precious gift of life - your blood.

Updated May 11, 2011:

Kay was abducted from her home on VALENTINE’S DAY 2008. We continue to ask for prayers for resolution in finding Kay. The Tucson Police Department contacts our family at least 2-3 times a month and reports that Kay’s case is still very active. As you can see, there is still a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest & conviction of the person or persons who abducted Kay. Please continue to pray for closure to this horrible and senseless crime.

Updated February 25, 2011:

Kay Read's story is now on www.cnn.com under the iReport section and it will be on the Nancy Grace show on Monday, Feb 28th at 9:30pm EST.

Updated February 14, 2011:

Sometimes in the smallest details of our day God reveals the greatest depths of His love. We pray the Lord is with you Kay. You are a blessing not everyone is lucky enough to have a relationship like we all have with you sis. We learned from you We leaned on you We looked to you for guidance and laughter and unfailing love. You are such a friend, Sis. In our hearts you are a blessing to our lives. We all realize what a rare thing that is and we are grateful Sis, SO GRATEFUL to have you as a sister.

Updated January 25, 2011:

Well, it has been almost 3 years since Kay was abducted without any clue still where or what for sure happened to Kay. In fact, as of Jan. 25th, 2011, just over 35 months, or 1076 days or 152 1/2 weeks. The numbers in some cases do not sound like a large amount, but when the heart hurts for your sister, not knowing, the missing of phone calls or daily meetings, it's an ETERNITY. Kay's siblings along with us here in Tucson, await that one phone call that sheds some light on Kay's situation. We are sponsoring another "HONOR KAY READ" AMERICAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE on Feb. 13th,

2011, 10 am until 2 pm. We have established a good support of family & friends that donate to HONOR KAY on a regular basis, they are all very dear to my heart, very special people. They are always ready to donate without hesitation. This one on Feb. 13th will be our 8th "HONOR KAY" Blood drive, with many more to come. We have them scheduled again on April 17, June 26, Aug. 28 (CELEBRATING KAY's Birthday), Oct. 30, and Dec. 18, 2011. 2012 schedule will be approximately every 8 weeks. If you would like to make an appointment call 520-886-7212 for Tucson location. Two of Kay's great-nieces Danielle & Shelby are now donors, two very special young ladies. Also, the TRAGEDY in TUCSON was in need of a great amount of blood, thank God we have the American Red Cross to have the amount of blood that was needed. Tucsonanians jumped back in there to donate to get the blood bank back up where we needed. It's easy, safe and the need is constant. The gratification is instant. Thanks to all who donate any time, pat yourself on the back. Tucson Police, are still working on Kay's case, we are in contact with them every couple of weeks. I know our Detective will not give up until she has something to tell us. Thank you for looking at Kay's website, we have had some difficulty on keeping it updated but that will change. Please keep Kay in your prayers. It was hard for me to maybe come to the decision that Kay is most likely in heaven with our Mother, I miss her so that I just want her to come home. I do also know that Kay is in God's wonderful hands, He is taking care of Kay no matter where she is. God Bless you for caring for Kay. Until next time...

Updated April 28, 2010:

We had another successful HONOR KAY READ BLOOD DRIVE on April 18th. We had 24 donors that will help up to 72 patients that need blood. How amazing and wonderful our donors are to help save so many lives. The next drive will be Father's Day, June 20th, 2010 again at the ARC Broadway Donor Center, 9:45 am to 2 pm, call 520-886-7212 to make an appointment. There will be a COLD CASE ARTICLE in the Arizona Daily Star by Kimberly Mates probably May 3rd. Pray for that one person who has to know something reads this article and makes that phone call to 911 or 88-crime to give Kay back to us. Kay has recently been added to www.NamUs.gov site that was featured on THE FORGOTTEN television show. The day will come that we'll have our precious Kay back. God's wonderful blessings to all that read this, keeps track of Kay and for all of the prayer partners that keeps Kay in their prayers. THANK YOU!

Updated 3-21-2010:

Our Lord is so Good. Our Mother - Lillian Read went to be with the Lord on January 30th, 2010. Mom's big 95th Birthday Celebration was just 17 days before. Mom is in a far better place, she is walking, seeing, hearing with a brand new body just like Our Lord promised. We miss her so much, she'll never be forgotten just like Kay. Now, Mom knows all about Kay and someday we pray that the rest of will too! TPD are still working on Kay's case. They are not giving up on finding what happened to Kay. We need that one person to still come forward. Feb. 14th, 2010 we had the 2nd of many "HONOR KAY READ ARC BLOOD DRIVE". It was such a great success! We had 32 signed up, 27 actual donating, 6 brand new donors with only 5 deferrals. The donations just in Kay's Honor will help up to 81 patients, WOW!! The wonderful people who donated are really great friends & family. Some hadn't met Kay before but wanted to help HONOR OUR PRECIOUS KAY!! Thank you all so much, you're truly God's people. Our next drive will be April 18th, 2010 at the ARC Donor Center at Broadway & Kolb, Tucson, Az. To sign up please go online at www.givelife.com or call 520-886-7212. Thank you so very much! God's Blessings to each one of you! Kay's proud family!

Updated 02-01-2010:



on Feb. 14th, 2010 from 10am to 2pm.

Kay to date has donated 9 1/4 gallons herself.

This is to HONOR KAY but to also get donations for the American Red Cross. It is easy, safe, and helps save many lives. There are many patients that count on the ARC for blood, and you can be one that will help that patient. Your gift really does help others to live. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. To make an appointment, please call me anytime at 886-7212 (jseagle1@msn.com) to set up a time. If you know of anyone else that would be interested in donating, please have them also call me. If you live outside of the Tucson area, please contact your AMERICAN RED CROSS and donate in HONOR of KAY. God Bless each of you! Mary Seagle (to date 1-23-10 the Tucson Police Department is still working the case but still nothing to go on. We will keep you informed.)

Update 09-12-2009:

Thanks to all who donated in "HONORING KAY F. READ" American Red Cross Blood Drive. Whether it was at TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER (TMC) (TMC staff are great people), HUNDRED PALMS / ST. PAUL's UNITED METHODIST CHURCH or at the AMERICAN RED CROSS DONOR CENTER. We had first time donors at all 3 locations and some that hadn't donated in many years. Kay's birthday at the ARC donor center had reported that we had 25-28 donors HONORING KAY. There was a gal that had been in Kay's 2nd grade Sunday School at St. Paul's of course, a few years back, she was so happy that she could donate in KAY's name. She said Kay made a difference in her life. Another LAW STUDENT lady saw the news cast at noon and came directly over to donate for Kay. You ladies are an inspiriation. KVOA & KOLD NEWS STATION's gave a great report and coverage on the blood drive. They both PROMOTED the AMERICAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE IN THE NEED FOR BLOOD TO HELP THE COMMUNITY. Thanks John (KVOA) & SOM (KOLD) you both are special to us, God Bless! We hope to have a quarterly blood drive in HONORING KAY. STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING INFO & LOCATIONS.

Update 08-01-2009:

We are having a 'HONOR KAY READ' blood drive on Kay's 64th birthday, August 26th, 2009, 7 am till 2 pm (4:45 if doing platelets) at the American Red Cross Blood Bank at 7139 E. Broadway. If interested in donating blood or platelets, please call Mary at 520-886-7212 to set up an appointment. If this date or location does not work for you, please do not let this stop you from HONORING KAY by donating. We can set up a time at another location if need. Kay to date has donated 9 1/4 gallons, this is something that is close to her heart. Just know that this is another way of helping somebody in need, probably to save a life. Tucson Medical Center (Kay's employer) is also sponsoring a blood drive HONORING KAY August 11th. Hundred Palms Assisted Living with St. Paul's UMC is also having a blood drive August 19th. Please consider donating, it is easy and a wonderful way of giving of yourself. You'll feel so proud that you can help someone in need.

Update 6-19-2009:

Please watch for upcoming dates, time and places "Honoring Kay F. Read" Blood Drives. Tentatively 4 different dates and locations. More information to come. Please help the community by donating blood or platelets. Come and help honor another thing that is close to Kay's heart. God Bless.

Update 04-07-2009:

It has been a little while since the anniversary of Kay's disappearance. We did have a PRAYER GATHERING & BALLOON LIFT on February 15th at St. Paul's. We had many wonderful friends (Jane even was here from S.C.) that came to help lift Kay up to the Lord, many hugs, many tears, just remembering and sharing stories of our precious Kay. It was a very emotional day for all of us. The media were terrific in helping share Kay's story in a beautiful way just like KAY. Kay is still missed, remembered and always with us in everything we do. Thanks to all for helping with you friendship, your prayers, your hugs and making it very easy to always share our stories until we have Kay home again. Blessings to all, Mary, Lillian, John and the rest of Kay's family.

Update 02-10-2009:

Please join us February 15th 4:00 pm, at St. Paul's United Methodist Church 8051 E. Broadway, Tucson, AZ. for a prayer, balloon lift and reception.

Update 02-08-2009:

Kay Frances Read is still missing since Feb. 15th, 2008 from her home in Tucson, Az. Kay is missed so much, every day is so long but the past year has now flown by. Dear Heavenly Father, We pray every day for our sweet Kay's return. Kay's Mother is hurting, as are all of her siblings & in-laws, all of her nieces & nephews, her great nieces & great nephews, her Sunday School children, her church family, her co-workers, neighbors and people all over Tucson still need her returned. The not knowing is so unbearable, the questions "WHY KAY?" & "FOR WHAT REASON?" Lord there has to be somebody out there that knows the answer. Dear God PLEASE GIVE THAT SOMEBODY THE STRENGTH TO CALL 88-CRIME OR 911 GIVING OUR KAY BACK TO US. Please give us the peace Lord that we need to get through each tough day until we have Kay back. Thank you too Lord for all you do for & give each of us. We give you the glory that only you deserve! Thank you Jesus! In Christ Name. Amen

Update 01-05-2009:

Christmas is a good day because it is Jesus Birthday, but lonely & sad without Kay. Kay loves Christmas, the decorations, the toys for the toy drives. She collected toys all year long to take to Tucson Medical Center, Gospel Supply, Walmart and anywhere else that had boxes for toys. She would also pick up several Angels from the Angel Trees all over Tucson. Kay also buys all kinds of canned & box foods for all of the Community Food Bank Drives. Kay is missed by many for her bright happy smiling face and her giving ways. We miss her because she is so special to all of us. I (her sister Mary) miss talking to her every day, figuring out what our Mama needs or wants, or what is going on with her cats Bobby & Jack, or what is going on at work. Kay is missed so much by our Mom, her heart breaks everyday not having her to call or have dinner with, to watch TV with, to go shopping with but mostly seeing and touching & hugging her. Kay we love you wherever you are, we will not give up till we find you. That’s a promise that will be kept. We're all praying for your return soon. WE LOVE YOU KAY AND NEED YOU HOME AGAIN........

Update 11-22-2008:

We are having a car wash on 11-29-2008 in Kay's honor. Please click the link to read more. It will be held at St. Paul's United Methodist Church. Volunteers needed and donation accepted.

Update 10-07-2008:

Kay's birthday party was very special, many friends, co-workers and Sunday school students came to share her birthday. The police are still working on finding Kay and her assailant(s). Thank you to everybody for keeping Kay in their prayers. If anybody knows anything please call 88CRIME or 911.

Update 08-23-2008: Please join us for Kay's birthday celebration. Tuesday August 26th 5:30-7:30 pm. St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 8051 E. Broadway Blvd.Cake and Coffee will be provided. Please come care and share, pray and be blessed. If you are not sure what to say....Well, just say "Hey"

Update 07-08-2008:

Clear Channel donated a billboard for Kay at 22nd St. & Wilmot(on 22nd just west of Wilmot). Please pray that this will generate information to help find Kay. Again, thank you for your prayers.. God be with you! Kay's family ..